• Category: In Person
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours
  • Address: Spin City, Hotwell Road, Hotwells, Bristol BS8 4RP, UK (Map)


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Beginners' Handbalancing at Spin City

£15 per session or come to both handbalancing and flex for £20!

These classes are designed for students who are beginning their handstand journey - from those who have never attempted a handstand to those confident kicking up against a wall

During these lessons we work on developing the strength, confidence and understanding necessary to build a safe handbalancing practice

Great for pole dancers and aerialists looking to improve their floor work!

DON’T TAKE RISKS - Handbalancing is a circus discipline that demands plenty of control and understanding in order to practice safely. This class is put together for students who are already familiar with handbalancing to teach you how to develop your strength and awareness to make your movement practice safer and more productive.

Please be aware that greatest care is taken to ensure the safety of all students and myself. The following is MANDATORY for ALL attendees

  • Do not mix with students of other households and do not share equipment
  • If you feel unwell and are exhibiting any respiratory or digestive symptoms, do not attend the lesson
  • If you exhibit symptoms after attending an in-person lesson, contact me immediately
  • Please wash your hands before commencing and upon completing the lesson